Monday, 3 February 2014

To Jam or Not To Jam

So this morning i was looking at my toast with a jar of strawberry jam in my hand thinking whether or not i wanted jam on toast. Of course that is not at all what this post is about and I'm making bad jokes already.

As my first post I thought I might as well start with something fairly recent. About a week ago, me and some colleagues where at the Global Game Jam. We had a great time and made a fantastic rhythm based game for the OUYA which we might release some point in the near future. I came into Jaming rather recently, with this being my third since November. Since starting i have thoroughly enjoyed it, so i decided to explain why i have enjoyed them so much.

For those who don't know a game jam is a challenge to make a game in a certain amount of time (usually 24 or 48 hours) with a theme to get you started. It also usually has a competition attached as well to get participants excited about it.

What i have enjoyed the most about the jams i have participated in is how much the themes make you think, and when you have your ideas, which ones you are willing to try that you would normally dismiss. I think looking at a theme and thinking what would everyone else do is good, as long as you attempt to do something different and interesting. I say this knowing that a lot of people have difficulty coming up with ideas for jams a lot of the time (at least from what i have heard), and hence i feel blessed with being able to come up with a bunch ideas quickly. Challenging yourself with really difficult design restraints is fun, just start thinking about things that have a loose connection, and never say that idea is dumb until you have sifted it through for anything you might find useful.

I know i am fairly new at this so i want to point out this is just my opinion, if you have your own opinion i wold love to hear it. I would rather spur conversation than stifle it, so let me know whats on your mind.

Before i forget if you are interested in my previous jam games, then you can find my last Ludum Dare game here. Other jams where on site and i'll post up links to the games as they become available.

So i have been at this for long enough i suppose so i should end it off with something, so how about a readers challenge.

I have talked about jam themes so here is one for you guys. "Music of the deaf"

My next post will be one of my idea for these words but look out for my next post after that entitled
"Entertainment is a strange concept"

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